Day at a Country Yard Sale

Submitted by Nessa July 5th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

It’s generally my experience that the back-woodsier the sale, the more interesting junk they have. Here’s a few pics from a sale I went to this weekend:

A homemade wearable lion’s head sitting amongst some faded-out board games and probably broken toys.

A truly gigantic tub of Miracle Whip

A hand crafted wheel barrow with unicorns on it.

Some blank-eyed scary children.

7 Responses to “Day at a Country Yard Sale”

  1. Allee Willis

    That papier-mâché cakey looking bear mask in the top photo is a crafts project gone awry to be sure! I like the little green tea pot next to it though.

    Please don’t tell me that that huge tub of tub of Miracle Whip has the real product in it?! Whoever buys that is in for a real surprise when they uncork it after sitting out in the sun all day.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to a flea market where I haven’t seen a unicorn something.

    The blank-eyed scary children look like they were carved by some hippie who was blank-eyed themselves. I wonder how many crafts fairs this sculpture was hauled around to it until it finally sold?

    I really love these posts that document thrifting and fleaing adventures. It’s a whole lotta kitsch for no coinage at all.

    • Nessa

      This is a big yard sale at some guy’s barn that only happens on July 4th weekend every year. He always has a broad assortment of various junk.

      I assume the Miracle Whip tub is empty, though I sure wasn’t brave enough to open it and find out.

  2. MyFunCloset

    What fun taking pictures of a table full of other people’s stuff. I’m always amazed at the price put on it. Usually what’s a quarter is worth much more and what’s 5.00 is worth far less. Love the eyes on the lion and the green teapot too.

  3. denny

    The first thing I noticed was that green teapot and although I usually don’t like unicorns, I like that little wagon thing, what is that exactly?