Submitted by k2dtw July 10th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is “ESKY” the wonderfully kitschy mascot of Esquire Magazine. Esky first appeared on the cover of their second issue in 1934.
He was created by the famous black cartoonist E. Simms Campbell, who for years and years did a little risque and very funny cartoons for Esquire.
Esky is about 20″ tall, and he’s made from a resin material. I bought him at a Antique Show outside of Chicago years ago. He was a birthday gift for my husband, who loves advertising related anything. This was way before the computer, so the magazine with the Esquire cover that he has folded under his arm, had to be copied by hand by my wonderful artist friend, and added. It was a good birthday….smile
I’ve included some info on E. Simms Campbell’s cartoon work and great career. He’s all over Google if anyone would like to read/see more of his work.


    • k2dtw

      Thank you… The computer is so wonderful. There were only books to reference when we found The Esky Mascot.
      I was just looking at a Google search for E. Simms Campbell and saw a “Nightclub Map of Harlem” that he did in 1932, the artwork is fabulous.
      Do you collect vintage typewriters, or anything that would relate to writing or film?

  1. selwithdel

    I just wanted to mention that I have a similar, if not the same item, an esky mascot….the one I have isn’t in as good condition as yours, and someone colored the hair black….I’m not sure how many were made, and I’m glad to see that another one has found a good home.