8 Responses to “Family of Entertainers (picture)”

  1. denny

    Oh geez. I forgot about this one. It really disturbs me on so many levels but let’s just stick to the hair, clothes and the application of lipstick on little boys. What one earth?

  2. Douglas Wood

    I hear ‘ya both. I put stage moms right up there with Nazis and telemarketers. There’s nothing more disgusting than seeing kids being forced to look and act like adults, and it’s even more heinous when they’re sexualized. I loved the end of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE when Abigail Breslin dances to Rick James’ SUPERFREAK because she’s completely innocent and just being a real kid, in sharp contrast to the other contestants who look like mini-hookers.

  3. denny

    I think all of this is creepy Doug. I told my sister if she did that to her kids we were done! “Little Miss Sunshine” was a fun movie and Abigail Breslin was brilliant. That scene was so innocent and it almost brought me to tears. I was a lot like Abigail when I was her age.

    Occasionally I have to tune into those shows where they show the “stage mothers”, for school assignments in my psyche classes and it makes me crazy to have to watch this stuff.

  4. Douglas Wood

    I confess to watching those shows occasionally too, not for educational purposes but because it’s fascinating despite being disturbing. Are you working towards a Psych degree or is that just one of your required classes?

  5. denny

    Hey Doug, this year sees me finishing up my Bachelors degree in Psyche. Then onto my Masters in Social Work. All kidding aside, I find the shows fascinating sometimes too, it’s very different when I HAVE to watch this stuff. My goal is to use my love of art, collecting, music and animals in a therapeutic setting. I’m an older student, started at 37 and now at 44, I find it amazing that I am traveling this road!