2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Card from the 40’s”

  1. Allee Willis

    I LOVE vintage cards, especially the ones that are “clever”. And the fold out ones like this. The colors are always so amazing and the sentiments so soppy and Ozzie & Harriet like.

    I love that mom and pop’s handwritten message is on this, alerting her that she’s “getting on in years”.

  2. denny

    Oh geez, why didn’t you tell me I was using the word “fabulousness” in here.

    The card belonged to Ernie’s Mom. She’s no longer with us and that woman saved everything! She even saved gum wrappers and flower corsages from when she was a teen! I am forever coming across some really fun paper goods when I am digging around in the basement.

    “you are getting on in years”, I love that.