Donate Blood for Life

Submitted by Mooshe July 12th, 2010

Three drops of blood– a grandmother (young at heart and in huge heels), a mother and a baby… made of blood. Asking you to donate blood. And one’s a donor herself. She’s even wearing a sticker! A sticker ON blood. They’re made of BLOOD, and they can still wear shoes and glasses and blood-red lipstick!

Then there’s the double meaning of the phrase “Donate blood now and for life.” AND the poorly placed red “blood” on red blood.

Snapped in a NYC storefront in 2009, I would have forgotten about except for Denny’s post that featured Allee’s tomato person:

4 Responses to “Donate Blood for Life”

  1. Allee Willis

    Although for an excellent cause, I agree that it’s completely twisted to have little drops of blood begging you to donate more of them. And an absolute art direction faux pas to put the red “blood” on red blood. I guess they thought that the shadow under the ‚Äúo” was going to take care of it and it would’ve worked were there not the almost exact same looking black line around the papa (or is it mama) blood drop. Oh, I see its mama; I just saw the high heels. I’m not used to seeing blood drops in any kind of shoes so it took me a minute.

    What does the yarn and knitting needles down at the bottom have to do with anything? Is that what one does when they give blood?

    • Mooshe

      I’m thinking the yarn needles at the bottom are because the blood in heels and glasses is Grandma Blood to go with Momma Blood and Baby Blood. Maybe Daddy Blood was the one that needed the transfusion. Whatever the situation, a lot is implied.

  2. windupkitty

    As someone who’s had too many blood transfusions to count, i’d like to say “thanks for the nightmares, crappy,creepy, graphic art student from another planet”

    i do like to think that blood drops do look like maracas though…..that was a good call……