Denny’s Adventure’s in “Willis Wonderland” – part 17

Submitted by denny July 16th, 2010
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One of my favorite pics taken in the studio where the magic happens and the ideas flow. Note the tiki head staring at us through the window.

This shade AND lamp just killed me and I believe is a chalk or ceramic lamp. Shade is in gorgeous shape.

All my hair stood on end when I saw this wall. It’s was fabulously overwhelming.

Stunning bongo that sits in the studio. I have a fascination with bongos and a often dream about playing them!

Look at the name in the upper right hand corner. This sheet music belonged to the man himself.

We love you Sammy.

Allee’s debut album on 8 track tape!

I still can’t believe I haven’t seen this play! Makes me nuts. Signed by the cast when Fantasia was appearing as Celie.

2 Responses to “Denny’s Adventure’s in “Willis Wonderland” – part 17”

  1. Allee Willis

    The lamp in photo number 2 is late 60’s Afro Man chalkware. The shade, which I wish was a more appropriate standup bass, is a plastic violin mounted against a metal musical staff on gold veined fiberglass that comes from the 50’s.

    The gold records on the wall in my studio aren’t actually all of them that I’ve earned. I rebelled against getting a bunch of them because the songwriters have to actually pay to get them, which I always thought was an incredibly stupid and cheap practice of the record industry. Artists and producers got them and if the artists and producers were nice and had a moral conscience they bought them for the songwriters. The ones in this photo represent the latter category.

    I love the handpainted conga drum in the next photo. ( Bongos are small, congas are big.) I use it on almost everything I record in my studio. It makes a great thwack sound.

    The “Mr. Bojangles” sheet music was Sammy Davis Jr’s own personal copy that a friend bought for me from the Sammy Davis Jr. auction at Butterfields when the contents of his estate were sold. I also have his own personal copy of ‚ÄúNew York, New York‚Äù as you see in the next photo.

    The 8-track of my one and only album, Childstar, is something that a fan sent me when they found it on eBay. I had no idea this album was ever even out on 8-track. Since then I’ve found two more tapes.

    I can’t believe you haven’t seen my musical, “The Color Purple” either! This is a signed poster from the First National Tour cast which featured many of the original Broadway actors including Fantasia. As a side note, the record of ‚ÄúI’m Here‚Äù that I co-wrote and co-produced with Fantasia and a live 40 piece orchestra comes out this week or next . It’s the bonus track on Fantasia’s new CD. The show is now in the midst of the Second National Tour so there’s still a chance of seeing it, although things get more and more stripped down from the original Broadway production in the tours. But I’m eternally proud of this one so hope you get a chance to take it in.

  2. denny

    If “The Color Purple” ever comes to Boston, I’m there! I’m 2 hours away from Boston. I can’t wait to hear “I’m Here” again. The orchestra, her voice and emotions brought me to tears when I heard her sing this.

    The Congo drum is absolutely beautiful.

    Chalkware lamps are some of my favorite items!

    I can’t believe you have to pay to get your own gold, silver or platinum discs. That’s an outrage!

    I do dig the picture of us here.