Denny’s Adventure’s In “Willis Wonderland” – part 21

Submitted by denny July 20th, 2010
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The very first printing of Pigmy Will’s adventures, produced by Prudence Fenton and Allee Willis. We love you, Pigmy.

There should be armed guards watching over this sign! It’s one of the most amazing bar signs I have ever laid eyes on! Martuni anyone?

A view from one of my favorite rooms. This was taken in the evening. Look at the amazing glow of the “Riverside Market” sign!

I wish I had an afro.

I mean really, I need to do a post on this room all by itself!


Hey Lady, are you ceramic?

This is incredible and hangs in the book hut.

3 Responses to “Denny’s Adventure’s In “Willis Wonderland” – part 21”

  1. Allee Willis

    Photo #1: Prudence and I not only produce Pigmy Will but created it, draw, voice, score and direct him, Feathers and Whiska.

    The Al “Baby’s” Retirement den sign hangs right at the end of the steps that lead downstairs into my den and I’m as close to being an “Al” as possible with “Allee” so when I found this sign I felt like it was made for me. Especially with the accented spelling of MartUni. The clock actually works too.

    The Riverside Market sign in photo #3 is one of the oldest pieces of neon in the entire San Fernando Valley. It came off of an historical landmark vintage market that I used to have my art studio in before it was bulldozed in 1989. This is also an excellent view of my fiberglass fish lounges.

    I have two of the Afromatic hair stylers in photo #4, one from 1975 and one from 1976, two different box covers and hairstyles, neither of which have ever been used. I found them at two separate times on eBay.

    Photo #5 is about 1/99,999th of my memorabilia collection.

    The finger cigarette rings in photo #6 to are pretty incredible. Although theoretically you stick a cigarette in the little ring mounted in the center of the actual ring I tried it once and nearly burnt my finger off. The photos on the display are as good as the rings. I especially love the one clipped to the edge of the golf bag.

    The lady head vase in photo #7 is typical of the kind of stuff I keep outside. Things go here once they chip and it integrates the outside look like the inside. That’s why I rarely get upset when things chip or even break if they break into large enough chunks. They always have a second life here at Willis Wonderland.

    The painting of Mouseketeer Annette Funicello is 18″ x 24″. Not only is it meticulously hand-painted but it was autographed by Annette herself in lipstick! There also used to be a cutout of Annette’s actual lip print under the autograph but most of it has peeled off through the years. I’ve seen a lot of Mickey Mouse Club memorabilia but I’ve never seen anything top this.

  2. Michael Ely

    Those cigarette finger rings are a hoot. Reminds me of Gloria Swanson in ‘Sunset Boulevard.’ There is a scene where she is wearing a similar ring while smoking a cigarette. I especially like that these rings come in a rainbow of colors!

    That window view of the backyard is to die for. All the lights look so beautiful.

  3. denny

    The evening shot here is one of my favorites. I should have saved that for the last post.

    I love the fact that the cigarette rings are “Hollywood” rings. This display just knocked me out and it was another hair raising item!