Knock, knock! Hue is it? It’s My New RCA Color Remote!

Submitted by StoryTroy July 20th, 2010
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Another new addition to my tv remote collection and I’m so excited, I’m posting the eBay snap even before the item itself gets into my hot little hands. This RCA Victor remote from the early days of color tv allows you to futz with tint and color without ever leaving your mohair couch.

I’ve found that since I started collecting, the RCA Victor remotes are almost always my favorites. Something about them just makes me smile.

7 Responses to “Knock, knock! Hue is it? It’s My New RCA Color Remote!”

  1. Allee Willis

    This one is gorgeous and has so many different options. Most remotes back in the day just had two clunky buttons, one for ‘on’ and one for ‘off’. Now the trick, of course, is to get the matching TV ( and the mohair couch).

    Take some gorgeous photos of it when it arrives and I’ll swap it into this post.

    • Carrie

      I used to have a mohair couch (my grandparent’s first set of furniture when they got married in the 40s) but the covering over the springs was torn and it was very uncomfortable to sit on. Unfortunately I only have room for one couch in my apartment so had to get rid of it. I still have the matching chair though! (Though it has become a cat scratching post!)

  2. Michael Ely

    People take remotes for granted. They either forget or don’t remember the days when you had to get up out of your chair and change the channel by hand! How cool that you collect these!

  3. weave1022

    Back in the day, I was the remote. Dad would holler “Get up and change the channel”, “Get up and turn up the volume”, or “Get up on the roof and turn the antenna till I holler” LOL the good ole days!!