The Original Stars at American Bandstand

Submitted by Carrie July 20th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

In one of those “friend of a friend of a friend” situations, last night I was one of 700 or so people in Columbus, OH enjoying (for free):

This was actually a private birthday party. For someone I don’t know. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera so didn’t get any pictures during the show (drat!) After the FAB concert, though, the musicians all stayed around to sign autographs! My mother (who got us the tickets – the birthday girl’s sister is an acquaintance) wanted to shake Fabian’s hand just so she could call her sister and squeal. I also got their autographs (except Bobby Vee who hadn’t come out from backstage yet).

What a blast!

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  1. Allee Willis

    So fantastic that you have this autographed! I loved every one of those guy’s music.

    I actually got to be quite friendly with Fabian. I wrote all about it here: I also made a short film called “Win A Dream Date With Fabian” that I showed at one of my all-girl Night Of The Living N√©glig√©e parties. Fabian was the grand prize of a contest based on answering questions about the film. It lingers on too long but it was one of the first kitsch films ( and real-life contests) that I did. If you’re at all interested in Fabian this is as rare as footage as could be. The winner of the contest was to Cassandra Peterson a.k.a. Elvira. She wanted to win really bad so she could go out on a revenge date. 100 women fell to their feet when she told us she was engaged to Fabian in 1974 when he was a lounge singer and she was a dancer in Las Vegas. He broke up with her in front of her parents. Throwing the party, making the film, meeting one of my childhood idols and then to have it have this perfect organic ending it was all too great. Did I mention that the story of the date was going to be to be a four-pager in the Valentine’s Day issue of Details magazine, Feb, 1989? It’s one of my favorite early multimedia projects and it was all about Fabian.

    • Carrie

      The whole reason I thought to submit this was after reading about the Dream Date with Fabian film you did! I love that whole story and have been telling it to everyone I know.

        • Carrie

          That was awesome! I love love love the video as is – I would definitely NOT edit it at all!

          There was a 65+ y.o. woman at the concert Saturday that might have been one of those screaming girls in the black & white footage. She got to go up on stage and dance with Fabian and was so excited she could barely contain herself. I think she might have died if she’d gotten to go on a Dream Date with him!