1. Allee Willis

    I knew it had to be Davy Crockett from your title and I was not disappointed! My coonskin cap was among my most cherished items as a kid and I remember being aware even at a young age that was a very effective TV theme song. When I wrote the Friends theme, I used to get very excited when I would see press calling it one of the most successful TV themes of all time and I would always think back to when I was a wee nipper and thinking that Davy Crockett was so catchy.

    Do you eat off this plate or does it hang somewhere?

  2. k2dtw

    It was a such great theme song, and I love the Friends theme song…it’s the best. I love TV theme songs, and I loved the TV commercials that had great theme songs. The TV commercials now are so annoying, wondering how many are muted or worse. I guess they will never go back to writing theme songs, a little humor now and then is probably the best we can hope for??? I love the new Old Spice Commercials, and I stop what I’m doing to watch.
    Do you remember the sweet little Faygo Pop commercial?…which way did he go”… or Roy O’Brien?…”on the right track to 9 Mile and Mack” …
    Thanks, the Davy Crockett plate is a shelf piece.