3 Responses to “Rubber Egg Bowl with Feet”

  1. Allee Willis

    This thing is insane! I actually have a set of red rubber bowls that I love but I certainly have never seen any with feet and textured like this.

    I love how the feet are just hunked on there, literally looking like someone just pressed two blobs of clay on as an afterthought. And it’s amazing that it’s a foot tall.

    Do you know when this was made? I’d be very curious to know where you found it. Was it being sold as a utility bowl or as an art object?

  2. Michael M.

    Yes, it’s quite outrageous, Allee. Your word “blob” describes its texture perfectly. I don’t think it’s vintage, however, but it’s definitely outrageous kitsch.

    I got it at one of those high-end stores on Beverly or Melrose about twelve years ago. It was pricey but I flipped over it because I love whimsy, and it’s such a conversation piece. I recall being told it was made in France. The only thing it says is “27” inscribed on the bottom in the center of what appears to be a red wax seal…you can see a hint of the red in the photograph. (Even that is bizarre!)