COWARDLY LION Wizard Of Oz Collector Plate, Numbered Edition

Submitted by Julie Brumlik July 24th, 2010

I bought this set of Knowles Classic The Wizard of Oz Collector Plates in their original boxes on eBay. There are 8 plates in the series and all are painted by portraitist James Auckland. Edition firing schedule strictly limited to 100 days. This plate is 4th issue in the series, titled “If I Were King” dated 1978, numbered and signed by James Auckland, 8.5″ wide, comes in original box with certificate. I would have painted the brick road yellower.

4 Responses to “COWARDLY LION Wizard Of Oz Collector Plate, Numbered Edition”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’ve said this here before but will confess once again to never having seen The Wizard Of Oz. I’ve seen trillions of clips from it and I’m sure I’ve seen the entire movie from all the clips but have never seen it from start to finish. It’s one of those films that people assume I’ve seen 6 trillion times but oftentimes things that would seem very obvious that I’ve been exposed to I haven’t.

    Do you still have all eight plates? Are they all out on display?

  2. Julie Brumlik

    You’ve never seen WOO????? how can that be? surely you’ve read all 32 or so volumes of the Oz series, which my beloved Suzy whom I wasn’t allowed to call grandmother in public bought me when I was 8, which are better than the movie, which you have to see, don’t procrastinate. I bought all eight collector plates but haven’t seen them in years though I have a hunch where they are > that happens when there is too much STUFF > but I’ll never be a minimalist (cough, cough).