Monkey Mania!

Submitted by Douglas Wood July 25th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

These monkeys may not qualify for the Jungle Animal Petting Zoo because they’re more of the circus variety, but last week’s AWMoK discussion motivated me to take a few pictures of my favorite primates and post them.

Bottom, from left to right: He plays the cymbals when you wind him up; a vintage postcard; he plays the guitar when you wind him up; he’s a hand-puppet (that I put in a basket), he bicycles when you wind him up and the colorful flaps on his shriner hat spring out and twirl; 3 soapstone monkeys in bizarre positions; wind-up organ grinder music box; stuffed monkey with “flicker” eyes. On box, from left to right: scary monkey who claps cymbals, bares teeth and pops open his eyes when wound up; carved, wooden see-hear-speak no evil monkeys; soapstone see-hear-speak no evil pencil holder. Difficult to see, but hanging to the left of the scary monkey are two cast iron monkeys who connect paw-to-paw. Sidenote: the box is “hobo art,” made from matchsticks.

3 Responses to “Monkey Mania!”

  1. Allee Willis

    These are all completely beautiful. And totally qualify for the Jungle Animal Petting Zoo. Your shots are great too. have

    So excellent that some of them play music. Monkeys make perfect musicians. (I’m actually a monkey in the Pomplamoose with AW “Jungle Animal” video that we’re animating right now.) Monkeys make perfect everything.

    Are you still actively collecting monkeys? It’s a beautiful collection so far.