Have Fun with Your Swing Stick!

Submitted by Douglas Wood July 26th, 2010
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Believe it or not, I can’t find any mention whatsoever of this vintage game or its manufacturer on eBay or Google. So maybe it was a total flop and never became the huge craze its inventors had envisioned.

Here’s what the item looks like (balanced on my doorknob.) It’s been used quite a bit– the two ends are duck-taped. You swing your body with your partner so the whiffle ball hanging on a string wraps itself around and around the aqua-colored plastic stick. I know this first hand because the old man who sold it to me made me do it with him. I wish I had a picture of THAT.

I love all the graphics on the box. Here are detailed shots:

Also love the politically incorrect “Pegleg” reference. And how sad is it to see a gal doing the Single Swingeroo all by herself?

Not sure what the “secret gimmick” refers to.

11 Responses to “Have Fun with Your Swing Stick!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m almost positive that I either owned this at one time or have seen it and lusted for it.

    I wish we knew what the ‚ÄúSecret Gimmick‚Äù that will ‚Äúbewilder your friends” was.

    I would have killed to see photos of you demonstrating The Swing-Stick with the geezer who sold it to you.

    Graphics are fantastic. Names of dance is/ Swing-Stick exercises even better.

    Is there a year anywhere on it? Graphics look 50s but I suspect that it’s early 60s.

  2. StoryTroy

    Looking at this product, I can only envision the faces of the board members at the toy company when this walked (nay, swung) in the door.

    Hats off on the cool find, Douglas!

  3. Douglas Wood

    Thanks, Story Troy!

    Carrie, Allee– My guess is that the toy company’s Legal department weighed in on the “6 to 60” decision with the thought of broken hip lawsuits looming in their future.

    That said, the 80-year-old guy with whom I swing-sticked, had some impressive pelvic action. (And if that sentence is ever taken out of context, I’m in trouble.)

  4. Michael Ely

    I’m gonna be 61 in just four more years, so I need to find one of these and play with it before it’s too late. I would hate to think that when I’m 61, I’m going to look back in regret and think – I never did play the pegleg swingeroo!

  5. Mooshe

    This is outrageous! Do any parts of this stick pivot or wiggle? Or is it just a stick? Can I try this with a broom handle to make sense of the physics, because I totally don’t get it but amazed by it anyway.

  6. Douglas Wood

    Michael– I think you’re okay since the game was made in the 50’s or 60’s when 60 was 60. But it’s 2010 and 40 is the new 60. So you’ve got lots of time.

    Mooshe– No, no parts pivot or wiggle. It’s just a stick with a small pad at each end to make it a little easier to hold the stick up without puncturing oneself. But you should absolutely be able to try this out at home with your own broom. Having said that, I must add that I take no responsibility for any injuries you might incur as you swing stick. Or any addictive behavior that might develop. And please keep it away from minors.

  7. Nessa

    I was actually at a dinner meeting once where the entertainment for the evening pulled people out of the audience and made them play this game for prizes…. it was a home-made version though, not this fantastic kitschy one.