3 Responses to “Loretta Lynn Pill Box”

  1. Allee Willis

    Dying for this!

    When I moved to LA from Manhattan in 1976 we drove cross country in one of those drive away cars where you drive someone’s car from one destination to the next for free (saving you plane or train fare). My friend, Georgia Wise, and I happened to get a Cadillac limousine. Although we look like the Beverly Hillbillies as absolutely everything was strapped to the top of the car that couldn’t fit inside, we felt like royalty pulling into the Loretta Lynn’s Country Store when we hit Nashville. I only had a couple hundred dollars to get to California and begin my my new life. I’m sure I would have spent some of it on this pillbox had I seen it. I did get a Loretta Lynn brush that I still have (somewhere). It was one of the cheapest things in the store at $2.

    I wonder how many different products that little Loretta Lynn medallion is glued on.

    • Planet Joan

      I would have bought a brush with her face on it too if I had seen one available! The second time we visited the Lorretta Lynn Ranch gift shop, I picked up another pill box for a gift for our friend, and they had updated her picture on the pill box to a recent Lorretta.