6 Responses to “Maddy Genets et son ensemble – LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, whadda family! I’m glad they had so much fun together
    I’m dying for the keyboard.

    I can’t imagine what the rest of the photos looked like in this photo shoot if this is what they ended up with. Only dad looks poised for the camera. Mom looks like she’s about to pass out. The son looks like the accordion is the only exercise he’s ever gotten.

    I’m fascinated that they left that modern 70s yellow pedestal in the photo. Unless it was attached to the floor, which I doubt it was, they seem a little cramped in the space. I wonder what was on the other side of Dad’s organ that they couldn’t cheat it to the left a few inches

    Love mom’s shoes. So fancy for an album cover shoot.