4 Responses to “Dave Nault “Music For People With Two Left Hands” (Dave Nault at the Baldwin Organ)”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love this LP. I’m living proof of the fact that one can carry on musically with two left hands or even two left feet. As long as you’re able to plunk it down somehow you could have a hit song if what’s in your head is good enough.

    I also really love that this features a Baldwin organ and not the more popular Hammond.

    Really dig the fonts down at the bottom on the sleeves and keys.

  2. Dave Nault

    After picking my self up off the floor, to see this album of mine on the internet after 40+ years, I am stunned.

    No I did not have two left hands. That idea just came from a saying back then that “I just have two left hands.”

    The album was recorded in 1965 in San Francisco , and printed in San Antonio, TX. When I traveled the United States & Canada,for the Baldwin Piano Co, Organ Division, I decided to make an Album.
    I would take boxes of Albums on the plane with me and sell them to Baldwin Dealers. I Still have the Original copy, and the original
    16MM tapes that the session was recorded on.

    Kindest Regards,

    Dave Nault
    [email protected]