Miss Who

Submitted by Mooshe July 28th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is a handmade, modified version of the popular board game Guess Who. All of the mystery people on this game board come from a catalog of 1982 Miss Georgia pageant contestants.

Because all of the contestants look so similar it really messes up the game mechanics. If you’re not familiar with the classic version of the game, it’s a game of elimination where you ask your opponent yes or no questions to narrow down the flock and correctly identify your opponent’s mystery person.

In Miss Who you often have to ask subjective questions like, “Is your girl a virgin?” “Did your girl get her braces off before middle school?” “Is your girl afraid of her father?” “Is your girl a cat person?” “Does your girl wear contact lenses?” “Did she forget to mention ‘world peace’ in the pageant?”

7 Responses to “Miss Who”

  1. Allee Willis

    Who actually made this? Painstaking work.

    Seems like it would be hard to eliminate the girls as the beauty queen types probably have many similarities in their habits and answers.

    Was this commercially available?

    • Mooshe

      Should have mentioned it… I made this! (My friends had a hand in this as well.)

      I’ve tried selling this before, but it only inspires people to create their own versions. Which overlooks how unique the 1982 Miss Georgia pageant roster is.

      When it’s explained it sounds impossible, but it kind of works like the game Apples to Apples where you get on the same wavelength as your friends and can actually start to figure out the associations being made. Besides, it’s a fantastic way to make a game originally targeted at 4 year olds challenging again!

      • Allee Willis

        Well, KUDOS to you!! I was really trying to look close at the box cover and it looked so professionally done. As do the cards and assembly of the pieces. So I trusted you when he said it was handmade but at the same time thought it looked amazingly well-crafted for handmade. I’m very impressed!!

        Now why were you so intrigued with the 1982 Miss Georgia Pageant? And how long did the game take to make? And do you make other things?

        • Mooshe

          THANK YOU! I put a lot of love into this– for whatever reason! I did this over the course of one day, over x-many hours. I feel like the intense motivation to make the project started at noon and ended around 8pm. That includes all the shopping and printing and cutting and spray painting and Photoshopping a logo… I never complete anything with such intense motivation!

          I think I love the Miss Georgia Pageant so much because I found the program in a junk shop when looking for an old Guess Who board game, and it completely pulled the whole project together instantly. I still don’t know why anyone would hold onto the program for 27 years.

          As far as making things, typically I just do a lot of drawing. A few years back I got into stop motion animation and tried really hard to incorporate more craft material than “professional” material– castings and molds and BLAH. The height of that was this: http://mooshe.net/rhino.html But it’s been a while and I have to save up for a new film..

          Oh goody, maybe I DO make STUFF more often than I thought. Last Halloween I made my costume: http://mooshenickerson.blogspot.com/2009/11/shoctober-31st.html

          I seem to have one ridiculous craft project in me every few months, which means something good is about to happen again!

          • Allee Willis

            ONE DAY??? That’s insane. I thought I was a speed freak but you put me to shame!

            I like how organically the Miss Georgia pageant and the Guess Who boardgame came together.

            Love your little unicorn stop motion. I especially like the lead unicorn’s shape. And I certainly know what you mean about having to save up to do a new film. That’s the story of my life.

            Do you know the little Pigmy Will animations I do? ( if not, look just to the right of this and there’s a player where you can flip through them). It’s not stop motion ( it’s very crappy, intentionally crappy, 2-D animation) but my partner who I do them with who’s also the voice of Pigmy Will is a stop motion guru, Prudence Fenton. She was the animation and special effects director for Pee-wee’s Playhouse and also created and directed the Penny cartoons which were all stop motion. (Penny is based on her.) She also co-created and produced Peter Gabriel’s Big Time and Steam videos.

            I love that you went as a doughnut on Halloween. You should definitely put that costume up here at AWMOK. I have a feeling I’m going to like all of your craft projects.

              • Allee Willis

                Love hearing that! Were working on a seriously insane Pigmy Will now (as if any of them weren’t. We’re doing a 70’s music video of Pigmy Will, Feathers and Whiska singing and doing “The Hustle”. It’s out there even for the Pigmy…