Mister Toilet

Submitted by Gilles Snowcat July 28th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

We all know cute stuffed teddy bears, kitties, dogs, birds, whales and every kind of animals seen on Earth or on any other planet.

But have you ever been introduced to Toire-sama? („Éà„ǧ„ɨ„Åï„Åæ lit : Mr/mrs Toilet) Toire-sama is, as cute’n’kitsch as some Japanese toys can be, a stuffed‚Ķ toilet.

Japan is the country of the cute, to the point that even a toilet can become children’s beds’ best friends, amongst the bears, felines and canines.


After all, during long nights of insomnia, we can expect Toire-san to offer some help to the desperate teddy bears in search of the nearest lavatory in sight…


For dear readers of AWMoK’s information, Toire-sama is a character of a short anime called Pants Pankurou („Éë„É≥„Éфű„Çì„Åè„Çç„ÅÜ), aired on Japanese TV in order to help very young children to use toilets and other household machines.

3 Responses to “Mister Toilet”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love this toilet pet. Especially after my food poisoning drama of this last weekend I’m quite familiar with hugging toilets. I would have much rather had Toire-sama around rather than the hard porcelain one I was forced to embrace!

  2. Gilles Snowcat

    Allee, I hope your food intoxication drama is now over. So it’s a kitschy coincidence that you discovered Toire-sama right now. Moreover, I’m glad this naughty stuffed toilet allowed me to win a Certifikitsch.
    By the way, the real Japanese toilets are sometimes as kitsch as the stuffed ones, if you look at the many electronic control switches and buttons making them look like any 70s sci-fi movie. To be continued!

    • Allee Willis

      I haven’t seen real Japanese toilets. Electronic control switches and buttons sounds very appealing to me! If you find any photos of them I’d love to see them here.