Western Jackalope (Lepus Tempermentalus)

Submitted by Michael Ely July 28th, 2010
A jackalope is a hybrid critter that is part jackrabbit and part antelope. They are found primarily in the West and parts of the Southwest. They are fierce animals when provoked, sometimes referred to as warrior rabbits, willing to use their antlers to fight, however they tend to be shy and elusive. Jackalopes only mate during intense thunderstorms. It is said that the females sleep belly up and can be milked, the milk being good for all kinds of home remedies. It is also said that jackalopes can imitate any sound including the human voice. In the days of the old West, when cowboys would gather around campfires to sing, jackalopes could often be heard mimicking their voices.
The best way to hunt a jackalope is to leave out a bowl of whiskey at night as an intoxicated jackalope is easier to catch. In the state of Wyoming, hunting jackalopes is only allowed one day a year, June 31.

12 Responses to “Western Jackalope (Lepus Tempermentalus)”

  1. Mooshe

    That is a strong looking Jackalope. The Jackalope is one of my favorite animals, and as a kid didn’t know the term or critter “antelope” for years because of it.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Michael you beat me to it, last week I was snooping through some jackalope web sites but didn’t find anything that was as good as this pic!

    I’m sad that it’s mounted, so I’m just going to pretend that it’s coming through a doggy door. okay that wouldn’t work with those horns unless it turned it’s head sideways first.

    Do you know about how much they weigh, and how big they get? Are they bigger at high altitudes?

      • Michael Ely

        Yes, I know it’s a little unnerving. Our house is decorded with a lot of Old West decor including some stuffed critters and cowhide rugs as well as vintage rodeo posters (most of which we inherited from AZ family ranchers). I do feel sorry for these things. I was once told by a Native American that I’m a collector of “lost souls.” Just for the record, my partner and I would never hunt, never go to a rodeo and we are vegetarians (we don’t eat meat or fish). In fact, we won’t even wear leather shoes. I shouldn’t have shared this!

        • Allee Willis

          That makes me feel much better. I eat meat but that’s one of the incongruities about me, like the sides of my hair, that doesn’t make much sense with as much as I LOVE animals.

  3. Mark Milligan

    Oh it’s funny! No animals were hurt posting this, and everybody that can fog a mirror knows it’s a joke. Michael I think it’s fun, and I’ll probably post things that people don’t like, but this is a forum where I think they’re making it safe to express ourselves truly. Your place sounds fun, and no one here I hope would ever judge anybody for the fun things we’re doing on AWMOK.

    Let’s bugger on!

  4. shirlie williams

    OMG I saw one of these on a wall in a pub in Cornwall earlier this year, I thought someone had morphed antlers onto a hare!!! I never realised such a thing existed. I did not photograph it as I have always been spooked by stuffed animals. Im veggie as well (no meat no fish)its just stuffed animals make me go all goosebumpy.I think it dates back to as a child I went to work with my dad and the owner had a Koala Bear ‘toy’ after a whole afternoon of cuddling it I was told it was a real one ..gives me chills to think about it…

    • Michael Ely

      Hi Shirlie. I see you as a buddy on FB and it’s always fun to see you here too.

      No, Darlin’, it ain’t real. I did read however that the original idea may have come to someone after seeing a rabbit with a disease that causes unusual bone growth from the head (it might also be how the myth of the unicorn originated).

      Your koala bear “toy” story is a bit freaky. I can understand how that could cause a childhood trauma into adult life.

  5. shirlie williams

    Hi Michael…I did Google the name and then realised it was not real. The one I saw in the Bodmin Gaol Pub was just the same and I was quite perplexed by it, now my curiosity has been satisfied.
    In the UK their used to be a museum filled with stuffed animals ,eg kittens dressed up in tableaux settings by a Victorian taxidermist called Potter, It was last seen next to Jamaica Inn ,Bodim Moor in Cornwall, it was a very famous curiosity.