Animal Balloon-Craft

Submitted by Planet Joan July 29th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is Animal Balloon Craft complete with Inflato-pumP, to make your own balloon animals.The Dachshund on the front grows as you slide the can apart, and is happily inflating balloons with its own inflato-pump.The instructions for making Dachshund shaped balloons and other balloon animals are on the back. This can sat in my childhood hall closet along with wrapping paper and shelves of gifts my Mom would buy for other people just in case an occasion for gift giving might arrive-then she would be prepared. Over the years I have attempted to USE the Inflato-pump with balloons, and it just never worked! It”s comical, I would have balloons , try them out with this Inflato-pump every 10 years or so, give up,and just put it back on the shelf. I don’t know why I still have it. It is now stored in a closet of my own with streamers, wrapping paper, and future gifts for friends and relatives.

4 Responses to “Animal Balloon-Craft”

  1. Allee Willis

    The only thing I love more than the Inflato-pump is your story of attempting to resuscitate it every 10 years or so. It’s fascinating to think that it worked in the first place inserted inside that gorgeous can.

    I love balloon animals just as much today as I did when I first saw them made. I tried to make them a few times myself but I had no patience for perfection and they looked so lopsided by the time they were done they were an unrecognizable life form. If I had this can staring at me, though, I’d try and do a poodle every 10 years or so.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    oh WOW, this brings back memories…there was one of these in our house when i was a kid…i had completely forgotten about it…i’ll bet it’s still in the attic…mine was yellow i think and did not have a dog on it…i need to look for it…i remember i really got the hang of it…but it indeed seemed much easier just to blow the balloon up in the traditional mouth fashion if you were ever in need of a blown-up balloon…

  3. Mooshe

    I have this vivid memory as a toddler where I threw a fit because a clown couldn’t make a cat-shaped balloon.

    I’ve always accepted it as fact, but maybe not so true:

    OK, the clown was absolutely right. I ended feeling so distraught I chose no balloon over my desired balloon that my dad ran me back for a poodle, which I was never happy with it and as you can see I still can’t get over.

    That Dachshund illustration is beautiful. Is he sitting on anything? Is he trying to use his hind leg to inflate a balloon with a balloon pump? Can you take a better picture of his butt, or is that just weird?

    • Allee Willis

      Have you been searching for cat-shaped balloons since toddler-dom? You certainly finally stumbled on a good one. I agree, Joan, photos of butt and further exploration of can morphing into balloon pump would be most appreciated by us aKitschionados.