Does Anyone Know What This IS???

Submitted by windupkitty July 29th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

My grandmother gave this to me 10+ years ago and I have no idea what it goes to, where it’s from and what it’s for (as with many things that are passed to me from her hands). Perhaps I’m reading too much into and it is exactly what it’s meant to be without any further understanding. I just don’t know. It’s a great mystery. To me, anyway.

6 Responses to “Does Anyone Know What This IS???”

  1. Allee Willis

    Well, my guess would be aliens shooting out of a flying saucer.

    What I’m most impressed with is that this was a gift from your grandmother! Usually you think of Granny gifts as being a little more homespun but it probably was pretty cool having a grandmother who wasn’t quite as earthbound as grandmas are wont to be.

    I would like the sound this makes when the spaceship is moved and all the heads start clanging together. It actually might make a great percussion instrument.

    What I also think is cool is the little light ring that the plastic Mercurochrome colored Saturn ring around the spaceship throws on the seat back.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    is it a paperweight? or does the clear plastic dome appear to be meant to be attached to top of something else? do the heads glow in the dark? they look like they might. can you pull the little alien heads out of the base or are they fixed?

  3. Mooshe

    Before I clicked on it I thought they were fondue skewers! If you ever need to re-appropriate the use of those guys I know just what you can do…

  4. windupkitty

    ya know, I don’t think it’s a paperweight since it’s actually fairly unstable…the alien heads are lucite and pretty heavy…it doesn’t glow in the dark and everything’s pretty attached…there’s no sign of anything on the bottom that would indicate it having been attached to something at some point…so weird….i do like the fondue skewer idea, but my guess is that it would poisonous to eat off this this thing (especially f it’s heated!)…yeah, it’s just a weird thing! it does, as allee predicted, make an unusual clacking noise when you move it around….hey allee? want it in your next box o’crap?!