7 Responses to “Vintage Novelty Postcards”

  1. Douglas Wood

    I once found about 1,000 vintage postcards at a garage sale and bought all of them for $5.00, so it was sort of an instant collection, not one that I worked hard at. And, because I’m anal, I actually alphabetized the cards from states and countries which comes in handy when I need a cool personalized gift for a friend (after I frame and mat it). I continue to buy postcards when I see them at sales but only if they’re vintage and only if I really ike the artwork or photo.

  2. Douglas Wood

    Forgot to mention– the postcard shower curtain is fabulous! If Danny can figure out a way to keep them dry when the shower is in use, he could sell a million of them.

  3. Mooshe

    That last design is a hilarious Betty Boop rip-off that pays respect to her original origin species… DOG!

    That hen one is my favorite. Beautifully drawn hen, hideous girl and strange copy writing syntax!

  4. Douglas Wood

    Yeah, the Betty Boop rip-off is actually kind of scary. Like Betty Boop meets Island of Dr. Moreau.

    The hen is my favorite too– such an odd juxtaposition of a cute little kewpie-faced girl saying something so bleak and depressing (and poorly punctuated).