Untamed Mountain: Lions and Tigers and Bear, oh my

Submitted by Julie Brumlik July 30th, 2010

There’s been speculation on AWMOK about intern safety amid the featured spontaneous interactions at Untamed Mountain. My personal favorite wildlife handler (both for durability and bravery) is Rocky and his rockhound.

Untamed Mountain also has a cougar named Angelina Jolie:

This cougar could be Angelina,or Willow, or Jasmine:

Green sign warns visitors to tread carefully through rough, steep and uneven terrain, but really that’s just a legal precaution, like telling vegans to consult their doctors before taking vitamins.
Besides, the signs are good entertainment when the wildlife wanders out of sight.

Mark, Untamed Mountain just posted an intern position opening.

4 Responses to “Untamed Mountain: Lions and Tigers and Bear, oh my”

  1. Mark Blackwell

    ah yes, i really need to visit untamed mountain as well…thanks for the followup on your post!

    the terrain looks anything but “rough, steep, and uneven” – on my visit i would probably tend to be more cautious with regard to the lions and tigers and cougars separated from me by what seems to be pretty standard home-variety chain-link fencing.

  2. Mooshe

    Stumbling into one of these “wildlife reserves” that’s really just somebody’s backyard with dangerous cats is one of my lifelong dreams. I’m so glad you found one!

  3. Julie Brumlik

    Mooshe, do you know of the two London blokes who raised a lion in their flat? I was so jealous. They named the lion Christian, which made me giggle, bc of Saki’s observation, “It’s the early Christian who gets the fattest lion.”

    And there’s a zoologist who lives in a bland suburban neighborhood in Ft. Lauderdale and raises Asian Leopard Cats in his backyard. Their cage is right outside his bedroom window. The ALC’s are nocturnal, so he can raise his blinds at night and watch them, himself unseen.

    The gang of raccoons in my backyard bullies my cats, chugs their food, and occasionally sends a rep inside to rifle through the kitchen.