Covered Wagon Lamp

Submitted by Michael Ely July 30th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner
Back in the 1950’s, cowboy movies and TV shows were all the rage as was cowboy / Western d√©cor for the home. This vintage covered wagon lamp is one of the best I’ve seen. Build of wood with wire trim and a cotton fabric canapy, this wagon comes complete with little extras such as a pickaxe, hanging lantern, water barrel, wooden bucket, fry pan and miniature bags of flour. When the lamp is lit, one gets a warm and cozy feeling. It reminds one of cowboys singing around campfires with howling coyotes off in the distance.

2 Responses to “Covered Wagon Lamp”

  1. Allee Willis

    I don’t collect anything old West but have always loved these covered wagon lamps. All the little appendages hanging off this make it so special. These usually come nude, i.e. the covered wagon, a lightbulb and that’s it.

    Is there any manufacturers mark anywhere? Though these are usually homemade. I do own a spectacular kit but have never opened the box to put it together. I’m the type who is more apt to keep it MIB.

    Here’s another covered wagon lamp that’s here at AWMOK, though not anywhere near as gloriously festooned as yours: However, Denny, the owner of the lamp also has this fantastic matching plastic planter:

    Do you keep this anywhere near your cactus lamp?