5 Responses to “This Lion’s Got Your Back”

  1. Mooshe

    They do not! They might have at one time, but I think it’s just a very special chair somebody brought in for display (in a hot window where it’s sure to get faded by the sun).

    Things they do sell at the zoo: Candy. Silly bands. Candy shaped like snakes. Candy. Pencils with animals on them. Candy with animal tops. A mood ring necklace shaped like an elephant! Slap bracelets that look like snakes! My own shame in photographing the entire gift shop at once is why we have to wait for pictures.

  2. Allee Willis

    Never be shy about taking photos in a place. Just tell them that you have a friend who you think would die over some of this stuff and you want to show the photos to them to see if they want to buy anything. It’s not really stretching the truth as if there’s anything truly spectacular in the photos a purchase could always result.

    • Mooshe

      I’m not usually shy about these crazy, tacky, ugly, delightful treasures, but I work outside the shop as a caricature artist so I would have to own up to my foolishness everyday! But I’m all about that new shipment of snake slap bracelets, so top of my To Do list is to get some good shots with my good camera.

      Oh, and I’d like to amend: “It is also shaped as much like a chair as lion-ly possible. Yikes!” to…

      It’s MANE-LY chair shaped!

      Ha… ha… ha….