Irving Penn portrait photo of Bert Lahr (“Cowardly Lion”)

Submitted by Julie Brumlik August 2nd, 2010

Time Magazine

Books: Gifts Between Covers

Monday, Dec. 12, 1960

French holiday shoppers browsing in their bookstores can find an edition of Genesis bound in copper that rattles when shaken to simulate the sound of thunder. They can also buy the writings St. Francis of Assisi tied shut with a piece of twine reminiscent of a friar’s cord; a war book, La Route des Flandres by Claude Simon, whose covers are shot through with bullets; and a book about the devil wrapped in old sermons and giving off clouds of powdered sulphur when its pages are turned. Such salesmanship (the work of France’s thriving Christian Book Club) leaves U.S. publishers behind. Along with a few gimmick books Christmas shoppers can find a remarkable collection of handsome volumes in which most of the bookmen’s effort has gone into text and illustrations. Among them:

MOMENTS PRESERVED, by Irving Penn (183pp.;Simon & Schuster; $17.50) is the stunning work of a photographer who has a way with a face. There is little his camera does not do well‚Äîincluding daredevil riders in Morocco and somber still lifes of wine done for ads. But what Photographer Penn does best is to absorb the secrets of character into his lenses There is French Man-of-All-Letters Jean Cocteau, warily perching on a chair sharp-beaked and sharp-trousered his vest as loud as some of his poses; Bert Lahr, his big, kindly, sad-smiling features musing on a great clown’s vision; a chip-on-shoulder but grinning Paris mailman looking as if he knew the secret of every letter in his bag.

from Amazon:

“This is a biography of the late Bert Lahr, that clown-comedian who played everything from burlesque to Aristophanes and Shakespeare l l l Bert was wildly funny on the stage and unhappy off. He was a haphazard father, a selfish lover, a thoughtless husband (his wife cherished him), a hypochondriac and a ruthless ‘professional.’ — Harold Clurman, New York Times Book Review

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  1. Allee Willis

    Again, I’ve never seen ‚ÄúThe Wizard Of Oz‚Äù, but Bert Lahr’s face is forever burned into my brain as The Cowardly Lion. It’s one of those classic Hollywood faces coupled with the quintessentially perfect role. I guess I think of him more as a lion than an actor even though I know he was great in everything he did.

    (The AWMOK Jungle Animal Petting Zoo is a scenic attraction whose cages are currently being filled to coincide with the release of the upcoming Pomplamoose with Allee Willis “Jungle Animal” VideoSong and online music game and contest. Jungle tamer, AWMOK creator, curator and charming hostess, Allee Willis, me, will be steadily leading jungle animals to their cages over the next 1-2 months or so as you bring them here until the song is released. If ever there ever was a category that was primed to be kitschified it’s that of “Jungle Animal” as all the stripes, spots and fur have been inspiration for designers since the beginning of time. I thank you all in advance for placing your jungle pets in such an illustrious cage as The Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch. Keep them coming!)