Stardust Casino Hanger from Las Vegas, Nevada

Submitted by denny August 4th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I grabbed this one up at lightning speed! My routine is to “creep” around the dump store for about an hour and that routine usually sends me home with all sorts of things. Today I was walking past a dirty old bin full of crappy hangers when, through all the plastic ones, I spotted this! This was the weekends best find.

There is nothing on the other side of the hanger.

I have always loved the logo of the “Stardust” casino.

World’s largest…..

Resort Hotel….

Excuse my feet……

10 Responses to “Stardust Casino Hanger from Las Vegas, Nevada”

  1. Allee Willis

    Fantastic! And with the original font. I have a lot of old wooden hotel hangers but not this vintage LV one which takes the cake!

    Excellent that you have a dump routine. I would too.

  2. windupkitty

    wow, too cool…i love pics with feet in them!!! :)most of my childhood pics of my sis and i at eye level, contain at least a few of my mom’s toes along the bottom of the frame…apparently, she sat with her legs outstretched when she snapped us!

  3. Douglas Wood

    Great find! I’ve never been to a dump and when you refer to yours I’m not sure what you mean. Is it literally a big pile of junk where people get rid of what they don’t want? And are people allowed to rummage around and take what they want for free? Maybe you can take your camera the next time you go and educate those of us who’ve never been.

  4. denny

    That’s pretty much it Doug. Each township has a dump and what they call a “Gift House”. It all started because folks were scouring the dumps which was an insurance liability. So the “Gift Houses or Huts” were started and they are often filled (good days and bad days) with stuff that is too good to throw out. It’s all organized by the “dump fairies”, a staff that is always there unloading and putting out what people drive by and dump off. I feel like a such a tramp sometimes, hanging around waiting for kitsch to be dropped off but I’ve gotten some really cool items at these places. Way back when, they even used to have “dump dances”. “toot toot, hey…beep beep”….

  5. Planet Joan

    The Thrift Shop I work at has a high standard (depending on who is Captain that day), and we have a box out beyond the back room that has to be labled DUMP, for all things not enough for the shop, but not trash. I like to drop off the box for them, and poke around, usually in the book section. I love running into you there Denny! I LOVE this Stardust hanger!!!!

  6. denny

    Hey Planet Joan! Are you Captain soon at the thrift shop?

    Yeah K2, I don’t understand that part about the dump dances but I found that out when researching the dumps.