One Response to “Be careful, those lapels could blind someone…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Of course, the more blinding the lapel the more impressive the lapel.

    Although I think those lapels pose a serious danger I think it’s the babe down in front with that pile of meringue hair who poses a bigger threat. She has about seven layers of flips going on.

    I’m just as intrigued with the hairdo on the redhead in back of her. Unless a fan was blowing what happened to the right side of her head? I don’t see anyone else’s hair disturbed but unless she forgot to fluff that side of her hair someone poured their drink on her and flattened it out.

    I can only hope that there is a full-length photo on the back of this LP. I would kill to see what the matching high heels looked like and I would bet that the gentlemen are all wearing white Hush Puppy-like loafers.

    Beyond anything though is that all these people are in the same family. Where’s mom?