4 Responses to “Gigantic Atlantic City Souvenir Mug”

  1. Allee Willis

    One can never have too many travels souvenir mugs. Especially if they’re from Atlantic City, where an unending supply came from.

    Metal rings and wood handle a nice touch here.

    The top of it looks a little inconvenient to drink from. Seems like your lip would touch that rim that’s there to keep the metal band in place. You also couldn’t dunk this thing in the dishwasher. Both of these factors of inconvenience make me appreciate it more as Kitsch.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    nice, denny! the “showgirl” is great…i love that they chose to label three of the items and let the other ones speak for themselves… my suspicion is that someone on the atlantic city mug design team looked at the “roller chairs on boardwalk” image and said, “people aren’t gonna know what the f*** this is” – but they couldn’t just label one single thing, so they went ahead and labeled three things… then again i could be wrong about all this…

  3. denny

    One thing I am not sure of though Mark, is what the art department was thinking when they designed the “showgirl”. What is on her head? Are they feathers, I don;t know but it looks to me like some alien life form.

    I rarely get back to AC but when I do, I always long for the days of art deco theaters, organ grinder monkeys and cotton candy. Those were some fun times and now going there it just leaves me cold, Dad does like to take the casino bus on occasion ya know, ugh. Thank god for kitsch to remind us all of the real AC.

  4. Mark Blackwell

    yes, i was thinking that maybe a large bird was attacking her. and what’s billowing out from the bottom of her skirt?!?!