Woodpecker Toothpick Holder

Submitted by Nessa August 9th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I actually have several of these in a couple of different color combinations. The woodpecker has two little pokey-prongs in his beak that can pick up a toothpick when you press down his head into the log. He works really well, but nowadays there’d probably be a lawsuit when somebody impaled their finger on his exceedingly sharp beak-teeth.

We used this at our family table for a lot of my childhood but now the whole flock of them sits on a shelf in the kitchen.

I cleaned him up the best I could, his plastic is going sticky and he was covered with lint.

2 Responses to “Woodpecker Toothpick Holder”

  1. Allee Willis

    I was obsessed with this toothpick woodpecker as a kid. We had one sitting out on the window sill in the kitchen. I think it’s why I became so obsessed with toothpicks, which I quickly become in a bad mood without when I discover I haven’t shoved some in my purse when I leave home.

    To say his beak is exceedingly sharp is an understatement. I used to walk around with two little holes poked into my fingertips because I was so obsessed with him.

    We had one this color and one with the red and white reversed.

    I have a few things that the plastic is going sticky on. I wonder what that is but it can’t be good for us. It’s like the Neutron Woodpecker.

    I love that that little pink flower made it into yet another photo. It always liven things up so.

    • Nessa

      I’m sure I stabbed my finger with it a few times as a kid, too.

      I’ve been told the sticky is from plasticizer leeching out of the plastic (the stuff that makes plastic soft and formable), but it can’t be healthy.

      It could just be sticky from sitting above the stove where it gets hit with whatever’s cooking, however.