3 Responses to “Feeding the kitty-”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is excellent and I’ve never seen this before. Is it a clay/chalkware bank? It looks massive compared to the size of the penny.

    Always nice to remember that before there was an Eveready Bunny there was an Eveready Cat.

    Do you still have all the things that your mom got from coupons, mail orders and saving labels? God knows all items would have a very happy virtual home here!

  2. Georgia

    Actually, it’s good ol’ plastic. I really should have washed it a bit prior to the picture since it’s been stored away for so long.

    Had to giggle when you mentioned the Eveready Bunny as Momma also ordered off for an Eveready Bunny flashlight which was in the same box as the bank.

    I’m still going through boxes so who knows what other goodies might show up!