5 Responses to “The White Family, “The End Of Time Is Near” – An inspirational LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    Incredibly well art directed down to the two higher female hairdos framing the shorty in the middle. I love that all of them are framing (hopefully plastic) flowers.

    I wonder if the brother in the brown plaid jacket and shoes that have nothing to do with the rest of the outfit was supposed to be wearing light blue pants to match everyone else? He must be the rebel of the family.

    I wonder if the painting is always hanging in the church or was it just tacked up there to accentuate their light blue wardrobe and matching guitars?

    The potted (hopefully plastic) plants along the wall are an excellent touch.

    The White family must have had some kind of growing up to choose a title as happy as “The End of Time Is Near”.

    • Mark Blackwell

      wow, this reminds me so much of the decor of my baptist church when i was growing up in south carolina…

      allee, if you’ll notice, that’s not a hanging painting – look closely and you’ll see the shadow on the right hand side and you’ll start to see the perspective that the painting is not hanging on that paneled wall, rather it is actually painted on the back wall of another small room/hallway recessed into the paneled wall and behind it. in the bottom of the room below the river there’s several feet of actual water. that’s the baptismal, and that painting of the river is the back wall of it. if you got baptized during the service, you’d be waiting behind that wall on one side, then you’d walk down the steps into the pool, the preacher would dunk you into the water, then you’d walk up the steps on the other side…

      • Allee Willis

        Now wait … How small is the small world/hallway, like 2 or 3 feet deep? Who knew that this is what baptismals look like? In my day in my religion the only pools that involved worship were the ones at the hotels in Miami Beach in the Catskills.

        • Mark Blackwell


          the floor of the “hallway” bit behind the paneling would be kinda level with where the plants are…then the floor of the water tank bit where the river is painted would be much lower, just a little higher than the floor of the stage in the foreground.

          when you start down the steps into the baptismal you go right down into the water and it winds up being perhaps a little over waist high, a good 3 1/2 feet maybe.. so in the view of you from the perspective of this photo (from the congregation in the pews), if you were being baptized, your head would be maybe just a little higher up than those of the women in “the white family.”

          oh okay, i just found a decent perspective from the “hallway” that will give you a better idea, the photo at the top of this site: http://www.sanmarcosfbc.org/What-We-Believe.html

          who’da thunk we’d be posting baptist church websites here in the kitsch museum, hahaha…

  2. denny

    Of course the hair-do on the left can take ones breath away, it did mine. The man on the right in the plaid jacket and funky shoes looks like he is about to jam! Yes, this is a good one for sure!