Gigantic Golf Ball Trash Cans At “Cape Escapade” Mini Golf Course

Submitted by denny August 12th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I saw these trash cans at a local miniature golf course located a few miles from my house. The first few pictures are of the biggest golf ball trash can. I went back today and saw that they had another one but this one was a bit smaller but still quite fabulous. I went there early and the guy was setting up and graciously pulled these out so I could photograph them.

Front view of the largest golf ball trash can.

This is the name of the mini golf course where these shots were taken.

Top view of the largest golf ball trash can.

The smaller golf ball, stands about knee high.

Top view of the smaller one.

This is sitting in the office on top of the soda machine.

This is also hanging on one of the office walls.

This guy greets you when you walk into the office to pay your fees for the mini golf.

One Response to “Gigantic Golf Ball Trash Cans At “Cape Escapade” Mini Golf Course”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m not nuts about stuffed fish but I’M INSANE over those golf ball trash cans!!!

    I used to have thousands of golf balls in my garden instead of white rocks but one day I came home and they had all exploded from a heatwave we were having. Golf balls are made-up of trillions of little rubberbands. It looked like my yard was crawling with maggots. I still come across stray rubber bands there every now and then. I’d much rather have this massive and lovely can that won’t explode.

    I love golf courses with giant golf ball fountains too. You can see one of the fountains as well as great golf ball overhead lights in one of my ‘what is kitsch?’ films:

    This place looks great!