Submitted by Lauren Duarte August 22nd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner
Presenting DOLLHOUSE DRAMA by Lauren Duarte! I am way into dollhouses, and I can’t get enough. I buy or acquire dollhouses and dollhouse kits and decorate them just as I would if I was living in them. I use bright colors and lots of drama. Around the houses I have framed pictures of those who inspire me artistically; David Bowie, Cher, Madonna. I use all kinds of materials to achieve the look I want, like, wrapping paper, fabric etc. And I ‘ll take it from where ever I want, too. (Well as long as it’s something that belongs to me.) As far as the furniture goes, I show no mercy. If I need to reupholster something I take my hot glue gun and go to town. There is no delicate sewing going on at all. If you are wondering who lives in these fabulous creations it’s none other than Petite Blythe! I have a trillion Petite Blythe dolls that also go through the wringer until they look just as I want. (I even have one I made to look like me! Hee hee!) I cut their hair or color it or hot glue on longer hair and I make their clothes too or mix and match pre-existing clothes. I usually don’t like leaving them untouched in the outfits they came it. Everything in my dollhouses is about mixing things up and having fun. Thanks for checking it out!


8 Responses to “PRESENTING: DOLLHOUSE DRAMA!! by Lauren Duarte”

  1. Allee Willis

    I absolutely LOVE these!! Blythe is a lucky gal indeed to have so many of herself populate so many fine houses. I love the details in everything.

    Have you ever made a doll house from scratch? Seems like you could just build three walls and go to town.

    I love the blond wood floor in the second to last photo and also how huge the stool is compared to the doll. The dog is a very nice touch.

    Would love to see larger photos if you have any. If so, just post one one doll house per post so we can luxuriate in the details.

    • Lauren Duarte

      Thanks Allee, I have made a dollhouse from scratch using a shoe box, toilet paper and toilet paper rolls. Much of the excitement about making dollhouses for me is getting an already made dollhouse and getting to do whatever I want to it-like nothing is precious.
      I recently went to a Doll House Museum in Santa Monica, they had so many different houses from all over the world and I loved it. But everything was so predictable. People seem to always put things from the same era together or they try to make things look so authentic. To me that’s just making a model.
      You can be sure that if I got my hands on the houses in that museum it would be pretty funky, awesome and really different.
      P.s. I am locating larger pix!!

    • Lauren Duarte

      I did do all the lighting. This picture is deceiving because I just bought tiny x-mas lights on a string from Urban Outfitters and taped them to the walls and ceiling of the house. It’s not very nice looking but it works.