Wee Wendy’s Girl & Boy on beach, 1974

Submitted by kookykitsch August 23rd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is an 8×10 plastic sealed framed print of Wee Wendy’s made in Rochester, NY copyright 1974- shows boy and girl with exposed belly buttons, holding hands on beach.

4 Responses to “Wee Wendy’s Girl & Boy on beach, 1974”

  1. Allee Willis

    A little hard to see in the photo but I’m not sure about little kids already exposing their belly buttons and holding hands on a nice wispy, romantic beach walk. Innocent enough I guess but it’s that long blond hair on the girl that makes me think the artist was trying to push it just a little! Sooooo 70’s!

    • carlou72

      My aunt is the original artist. She was 22 years old when this one was done. She is now a very successful portrait artist in the Louisville, KY area. When she was young someone bought the “idea” of Wee Wendy’s from her and copyrighted it, then never did anything with it. Kitsch? Perhaps, but certainly original. Wendy had long blonde 70’s hair – that’s probably a picture of her and her husband at the time.

      • olrac2521

        I have 30 posters, 1974, frameable, just like the one that you have listed. I’ve had them for four years and could not find it anywhere on the internet. I put in Wee Wendy and got nothing. But, when I put in Wee Wendy Art Posters, I came up with your pictures of the boy and girl on the beach. The one that you have is one of the 30 that I have, only with a different background. The frame is yellow and the outer frame is white. And, they are attached together by two screws, book style, and are in Mint condition. I was wondering if you would be interested in purchasing these because they are so rare that the one you have and the 30 that I have are the only ones on the whole internet and maybe in the whole world.

        If you are interested in purchasing them, could you email me back and maybe we can work out a price, or if you know someone that would be interested, can you give them my phone number. 561-738-7463 Carlo.