“Morten” Salt Art

Submitted by Mark Blackwell August 28th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I came across this salty, semi-cylindrical, clay art piece at Route 66 Thrift out in the middle of nowhere in the California desert town of Oro Grande. The artist clearly knew how to spell “Morton,” as evidenced by the detailing in the top left corner. So why did they go with “Morten” for the main logo? Is it a reference to Morten Hackett, the lead singer of the popular 80s new wave synthpop band a-ha? I seriously doubt that. The “so there” joke at the bottom is mysterious as well. And can you spot what’s missing here…?

2 Responses to ““Morten” Salt Art”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m on way too many deadlines to try and figure out what’s missing other than diversion from the color scheme of the box and the misspelling of the main title name. With this said, I love this. My favorite thing is the lack of a left-hand on the little girl. Oh, is that what’s missing?

    Now what do you mean by clay art piece as it looks flat like a painting? Have gobs of clay been applied to a flat canvas and then painted on top of? In which case it should feel as nutty as it looks.

    i love ” This salt does not supply iodine, so there”. And also that there’s a free umbrella offer.

    How big is this?