Old Mexican Chotchke Salt & Pepper Stand

Submitted by Michael Ely August 29th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner
This was a gift from a friend. It once belonged to his grandmother who lived most of her life in the old Mexican barrio neighborhood here in Tucson. Sadly, much of the old barrio neighborhood was torn down to build the Tucson Convention center, but there are still sections of the neighborhood that remain, and, in fact, people are now buying up the old houses with their thick adobe walls and Saltillo tile floors and restoring them.
My friend remembers this piece of Mexican chotchke sitting in his grandmother’s kitchen since he was a little boy in the 1950’s and estimates that it is at least 70 years old. The structure is a covered water well made of painted wood and trimmed in metal screen with a rusty tin roof. There is a salt and pepper shaker sitting on each side made of unfired clay with cork bottoms. The woman figure holds a painted plate and the man holds a painted jug.

3 Responses to “Old Mexican Chotchke Salt & Pepper Stand”

  1. Allee Willis

    I must admit to not being the world’s bigest fan of these Mexican type sculptures even though when I look at them closely I’m fascinated by all the little crafts touches the artists put into them. And I must say that this is quite ornate for salt and pepper shakers. If I were to ever own any of these Mexican type collectibles this one would surely be it!

  2. denny

    I absolutely dig this. Reminds me of the prints I found recently for $5.00, the portrait of a boy and one of a girl. Will be posting those soon. I do have to say, I can’t imagine taking the time to fill these now a days! I sure regret getting rid of my s&p shakers.

  3. windupkitty

    i really love stuff like this cause even if not a lot of time was spent making it , someone still sat down and did it, which is so nice to think about….i really dig that……how incredible that it’s survived so long! glad it has a good home!