5 Responses to “60’s Revisited….”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, what’s that Match Game book? Never saw that. I love all these old publications from the 60’s, when rags like this ruled. I tried to get into Cracked when it came out but always liked Mad better.

    • MyFunCloset

      This kind of fun estate sale doesn’t pop up too often. Most everything was from the ’60s including the bowling shirts.
      Where? Akron Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. Actually once a really progressive city before the rubber companies left town. Akron boasts… home of the Soap Box Derby and AA; Devo and Black Keys Bands; Astronaut, Judy Resnik; Chrissie Hynde,The Pretenders; Melina Kanakaredes, CSI; (we all went to the same high school about the same time); Labron James, basketball player; even Jeffrey Dahmer, mass murderer to name a few.
      I know you’ll fine a great house for a fraction of a California house.

  2. Douglas Wood

    I’ve never been to Akron but I know Ohio is cool because I have a sister who used to live in Lakewood and have a brother-in-law who lives in a suburb of Cincinnati. And I LOVE the Pretenders’ song about Ohio, “My City was Gone.”

  3. MyFunCloset

    Chrissie actually moved back here after living in London for years. She opened up a vegan restaurant a few years ago on the fringe of the downtown she wrote about. She’s not shy about her roots and pops up frequently.