2 Responses to “acee blue eagle”

  1. Allee Willis

    Is acee blue eagle a gas station? Not sure what the connection to the charm bracelet is? But it sure has some great charms on it. I had the tourquoise Princess phone and the little white pen knife. As for the set of glasses and pitcher I can’t see it clearly enough in the photos but I’m taking that it was all different Indian tribes. It’s a pretty gorgeous set.

  2. john switzer

    boy did I mess up
    lousy picture and combined entries
    acee blue eagle was an indian artist from the fifties.
    These glasses and pitcher were a premium if ya bought enough gas
    the branded tray kills
    I could decorate a whole room around the glasses if I could just find those old faux bark curtains. maybe I should resubmit after i get my new glasses.I have to check interior security cameras just to locate my reading glasses,–all 3 pairs YIKES ! JS