5 Responses to “Beetle Comb”

  1. Allee Willis

    It should be no surprise to anyone who knows my kitsch tastes that I would go wild over this Beetle Comb. One of my favorite genres of kitsch is when people try and capitalize on a craze and veer horribly off. Here they tried to get as close as humanly possible to the Beatles with a really bad graphic of an upset band member getting chased by the actual namesake insect who, despite an illustration showing him with uniform legs, has one back leg with a dangling appendage.

    I absolutely love the dancing comb.

    I’m dying because I see that there were at least 3 Beetle Comb for sale. Should you happen to spend another day of your lovely Labor Day weekend at the flea market please pick up all available Beetle combs and I will happily reimburse you!

  2. Douglas Wood

    Agree with everybody above, this is a gem. I also like the fact that inexplicably there’s a slash (/) between Beetle and Comb which implies the package contains a beetle and a comb, when in fact it contains a beetle and a beetle comb.