Childhood Loss – Vintage Pressed Steel Toy Truck

Submitted by DetroitKent September 6th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This white “City Sanitation Dept” truck made by Marx in the 1940’s, is 13 inches long and the rear door covering the garbage compartment slides open and closed.

I don’t consider these vintage pressed steel trucks kitsch, but i felt like making an observation acquired through dealing in vintage toys. Back in the day, before tv and while it was in its infancy and not required entertainment (i realize now a lot of people consider tv so last century), children played with toys. These toys, except for dolls and stuffed animals, were for the most part, made of pressed steel/tin, wood and japanese celluloid. As a result of WWII plastic became acceptable, less expensive and enveloped toy making. There a

2 Responses to “Childhood Loss – Vintage Pressed Steel Toy Truck”

  1. Allee Willis

    Beautiful truck. I have a little cut out paper truck from the 1930s that looks similar. Though, of course, I’d rather own this real deal metal one!

    It’s true that these kind of toys aren’t valued as much by kids today but that’s always been the purpose of collectors, to preserve the incredible parts of the past that may not be appreciated in the present and future. There will always be people around who understand the value and importance of these things.