The OTHER Breakfast Club (no Ally Sheedy or Emilio Estevez)

Submitted by Douglas Wood September 6th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I’m not a fan of black memorabilia because it’s so offensive in reinforcing negative stereotypes, but Aunt Jemima is such an iconic figure that she serves more as an historical artifact documenting our country’s racist past than anything else.

Found this pin at a garage sale and was amazed at what great shape it’s in– the little tab at the top hasn’t even been bent over. And it’s not a repro, but the real thing, from the early 1950’s, made by the Green Duck Co. in Chicago. “Eat a Better Breakfast” today means low fat, lots of fiber and whole grains, but back then it clearly meant “eat a better breakfast by pouring a whole shitload of liquid sugar on your pancakes.”

6 Responses to “The OTHER Breakfast Club (no Ally Sheedy or Emilio Estevez)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Aunt J always amazes me that she’s still around given racial stereotype awareness. But her pancakes still rule so that may be why. Pancakes are one of my favorite foods ever.

    I love little tin pins like this. I used to lust after them as a kid. There was a bread manufacturer in Detroit that used to hand them out though I can’t recall who.

  2. k2dtw

    At one time they were great kitchen collectibles??…
    I don’t remember pins???… I vividly remembering touring the Wonder Bread Factory in Detroit with my grade school class. We all got to take home a minature loaf of Wonder Bread…which I guarded w/my life to take home to show my mom, I thought it was the coolest thing.