Best in Show, Denver Modernism Car Show 2010

Submitted by Markydoodle September 9th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This 1967 VW Bus immediately stood out in a crowd of great entries. I had the chance to meet Joey Lamare, the owner, before the judging was complete, and asked him if I could take pictures, and put them up on AWMOK. He graciously permitted me to do that, and then won the show!

They’ve outfitted this bus with fantastic items from the 60’s. If you look on the floor, you can see they’ve even included a game of “Twister.”

And there was just something familiar about a melmac bowl full of candy welcoming guests.

The dapper lad acting as judge for the car show was very entertaining.

Miss Modernism presents the award.

7 Responses to “Best in Show, Denver Modernism Car Show 2010”

  1. Allee Willis

    This VW bus has my eyeballs swimming, especially with the pop-up roof. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I take it it’s fully drivable, right?

    Yes, the candy bowl welcoming all passengers is very very very very very familiar. I wish they had more vintage candy brands in it but I can’t find fault with anything that anyone does who maintains a vehicle as beautifully as this one.

    I recognize the handsome judge in the blue work suit. He spends as much time over here at Willis Wonderland as I do. For any of you who don’t know Charles Phoenix, googling him is a must.

    Where does the owner of the VW bus live?

  2. Mark Milligan

    It is drivable, Joey drove it in to the show.

    He lives in Denver, and I encouraged him heartily to sign on and makes some comments about this great car!

    Charles was fantastic, he chose the same best in show, 50’s, and 60’s cars that I would’ve.

    I also encouraged the director of the Modernism Show, Dana Cain, to sign on to AWMOK because I’m sure she’s got some items that will knock our socks off, not the least of which is that she said she once owned a full-sized Bigfoot Monster that she sold to someone in Texas. God I hope she has pictures of that.

    • Allee Willis

      It’s insane that those Modernism Show people don’t know about me. I started collecting before all of them and easily have one of the most documented collections in the world. My house is in probably half of the books they all own, not the least of which is the Bible of Modernism, Mid Century Modern, the first ever comprehensive book written on the topic and where that term came from.

  3. k2dtw

    Thank you Mark… This is fabulous, I’m so glad you went to the show… Did you find anything?
    The VW is so beautiful, what a great job…
    How handsome is their “Mechanic” Judge…is he really wearing a vintage mechanics coverall???… I love how Charles Phoenix thinks everything thru so beautifully…I’m wondering what the patch says?

    • Mark Milligan

      A turquoise 1950’s sunbeam mixer. But they wanted $175 for it, I thought it was too much. I was just a little overwhelmed by the whole thing having never been to one before. I have a lot more pictures of the cars, and more of Charles doing the Disney slide show, which was fantastic.