Bacon Wrapped Frankyburger Hamburdog

Submitted by windupkitty September 11th, 2010
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One of the greatest privileges of my life has been living next door to two people I love most in the world . And by next door, I mean, approximately six feet away across a little brick courtyard that is often occupied by those two people and other beloveds, not to mention excessive amounts of food and booze. This evening, during one of our impromptu group feedings, I was introduced to what they call the Bacon Wrapped Frankyburger Hamberdog. Now, honestly, these two are obsessive foodies, chefs, and booze snobs, so I’m always up for what they’re cooking up….This, of course, I couldn’t try cause I’m a vegetarian, but I love the shear kitschy junk food factor going on here…..And I just LOVE when they dump the French Laundry theme and go FO’REals! Had to share it………

Oh yeah the recipe is : 1 large hamburger patty and 2 hots dogs wrapped in bacon and put in a bun with condiments of choice (just in case the name indicated otherwise)

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  1. Allee Willis

    OMG!! I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW GREAT THIS IS!!! I’m stealing this so fast you better duck before the grease hits your eyes. This is just the PERFECT barbecuing sandwich. What are your neighbor’s names? I’m always one to give credit night we must cook up their concoction.

    I want to blow up your photo and put it on my wall. I want to cancel my all-day recording session and cook it right now.

  2. windupkitty

    Wow! I am so HONORED to be awarded yet 2 prestigious awards! BUt, I can’t take the credit; this masterpiece belongs to Stacey and Steve (married for 1 month and 4 days,but together for 600 years prior to that). Stace is really remiss in joining the awmok, and I”m forwarding this to her right away….

    This has been the best start to my day ever, and though I don’t usually announce such things, I’m a little buzzed off the awards so why not? Today’s my birthday. And for the first time in 5 years I’ve travelled away from home (wasn’t allowed to due to a raging case of cancer and a transplant to cure it).

    This morning I woke up in the pinkest room ever created by the Madonna Inn after eating in the dining room last night, complete with big band entertainment (don’t worry there will be 20 part posts coming up a la Denny style!). And now this. Heading down to a heart stopping breakfast now and then, oh there will be kitsch purchases made in the gift shop. Oh crap, I’m gonna cry. Best day ever and it’s only just begun!

    NOw, go make the Bacon Wrapped Frankeyburger Hamburdog (after you make music) and eat the hell out of that thing…..I hear it’s amazing!! Oh, and watch the mail for some Madonna Inn fodder :D

    • Allee Willis

      I’m racing out of the house to write a TV theme songs I’m probably going to get screwed on but wanted to wish you the most HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!! how completely fantastic that you’ve chosen to spend it at the Madonna Inn. So completely jealous I can’t stand it. How long are you staying? Don’t miss an inch of that place and sneak into the men’s room if you can to take a gander at the urinal. I wish you the best year ever. The Madonna and can cure anything!!!!

        • Allee Willis

          You don’t want to get me started on the topic of writing TV theme songs. It doesn’t matter how much success you have, and I’ve obviously written one of the biggest themes of all time, they still always expect you to write it on spec. Which means not only are zillions of other writers trying for the same gig but you’re out a tremendous amount of time, energy and, very importantly, money because you have to cut a record in order for them to hear anything. So as glamorous as it sounds, a real payoff is incredibly rare. But I figured that with my Pomlamoose stuff just weeks away from coming out if this TV theme did happen to work out it would make for a very nice October. So I decided to take a shot. I’m not going to put any more time into it other than the weekend as when you really feel burnt is when you’ve sunk days and days if not weeks and weeks into it and then you don’t even get a phone call back from the producer telling you they’ve even received what you’ve sent. Show business is not for the faint of heart!

          Windup, are you enjoying your birthday? I hope you’re there long enough to eat in The Madonna Inn main dining room tonight.

  3. denny

    WHAT? First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wind Up and second…….you have just given me inspiration for my next painting, “Frankyburger Hamberdog”! You made my day with this post and pic!

    • windupkitty

      hahahaah!!! awesome!!!!!

      you’ve got to make the colonel sanders or ronald mcdonald of the hamberdog!!!!!!!!!!!

      i can’t wait to see what he’s wearing!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. windupkitty

    Hey!! Thanks all you wonderful akitschianados for your well wishes!!! It’s so great to get home tonight and read these posts!!! I only stayed at the Madonna for 1 night because the whole excursion cost a billion dollars and when i got him tonight, my cats (i do rescue) had gifted me several bouts of throw-up, which was so thoughtful…..the good news is, the creators of this fine delicacy are TRILLED at the their recognition (particularly Steve, as he is apparently the one who made it and Stacey is apparently the one, who came out to the grill an said “what the F is that? I wanna eat that!).So, there’s an impromptu get together tomorrow with some of their friends (who i know somewhat) revolving entirely around the creation and consumption of hamberdogs…….I’ll be documenting extensively and hopefully i can get an instructional video out of steve..he is a giant in his field…literally…he’s GREAT for getting the oranges off the tops of our trees……….

    • Allee Willis

      Please, please, please document your Frankyburger Hamburdog feast tonight and post it here! I wish I was there to video it. I would be interviewing everyone about their thoughts about this great foodstuff and I most certainly would shoot an instructional video. That is if my mouth wasn’t too stuffed to talk and fingers not so greasy that they would clog up the mechanics of the camera. Really, I can’t tell you how much I’ve talked about the Frankyburger Hamburdog in the last 24 hours. I hope Steve has more recipes up his sleeve (although hope he doesn’t actually use the sleeve in the recipe.)

      • windupkitty

        Oh yes, there will be documentation………wish you could be here too! you would know exactly what to say and do to properly explore and represent the hamberdog!…i’ll do my best!

        Stace and Steve are so excited about you guys being excited, that stace was trying to influence steve to quit his job and buy a food truck…..i think it’s a great idea cause i know i’ll make mint off of waging bets as to how long before they’re sued for stopping someone’s heart..good old silicon valley…the possibilities are endless….:)

        And yes, steve and stace have more recipes up their sleeves than can be counted….they are obsessive chefs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Hey, QoK, good luck on your song!