4 Responses to “Marcia Hill Mail Order Pantyhose from Waltham, Massachusetts”

  1. Allee Willis

    I always hated pantyhose. The thought of them sitting in a hot truck all day or riding around on a mail carrier’s back doesn’t do anything to make me like them any better. However, I love Marcia’s look and that display of her shoe line on the back is enough to make me want to hoist on a pair right now.

    I wonder if those are Marcia’s feet in the shoes? I’m betting yes.

    Love the double strand of pearls.

  2. k2dtw

    Wow… Great post..
    Is this by chance dated 1962 anywhere??? Is Marcia sporting the “Bubble” haircut? I think even Barbie had this haircut?…smile
    I’m wondering if somewhere Marcia had that sandal available by Mail-Order as well???….(in every color!!!)

  3. denny

    Hey K2 – I don’t know if it is 60’s or not. This was in a bin at the Goodwill and I was rummaging like a mad man and forgot to look for a date!