Allee Willis’ “The 365 Days Of September” – Day 5

Submitted by Allee Willis September 25th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Asian mariachi version titled “HALF OF CHEWING GUM BAND INSTRUMENTAL” by Nino, Chino and Paulo. They actually play it great despite the fact that a song consists of more than an intro. If it were me I’d squeeze in one more stringed instrument and move on to the verse and chorus. I always love when musicians play the melody in their head and assume the audience can hear it.

For a more through exploration of my “365 Days Of September” mission as well as details of how the song was written, go here. Until tomorrow, ba-de-ya!


One Response to “Allee Willis’ “The 365 Days Of September” – Day 5”

  1. denny

    Wow. They are a bit annoying but then again, at least they can play an instrument! I felt like the guy on the right was just looping one section of the song over and over? They definitely need to squeeze in something!

    Honestly, I couldn’t watch this one all the way through, even their haircuts got on my nerves.

    I am ABSOLUTELY loving this series!!!!! Bring it on Allee!