Denny’s Adventures in Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” (Part 31 – August 2010)

Submitted by denny September 29th, 2010
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“Something Weird” video label has some of the best films and there is no shortage of them at “Willis Wonderland”. I’m not familiar with some of these titles but I am a fan of what some people would call bad films. Wait til you see the trailer for “Beatniks” that appears at the bottom of this post.

The only film I am familiar with here is “The Being”. I remember renting that one. I am dying to see “Mad Monkey”!

Has anyone seen “Kung Fu Zombies”?

I’m dying here, I never knew about the film “Dr. Black – Mr Hyde” and I love any film that has to do with this story line.

The trailer for the “Something Weird” film titled “The Beatniks”.

6 Responses to “Denny’s Adventures in Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” (Part 31 – August 2010)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Now you’re talking! There are about 10 times as many shelves of videos as in the photos so by no means am I saying that the ones you see are the best of the collection. But they’re all stunners, all insane films and are absolutely worth seeing. If you love bad movies use this as an instant guide. You will not go wrong.

  2. Lisa Rios

    You have one of my favorite Something Weird titles. That’s the Afros, Macks & Zodiacs. Blaxplotation trailers hosted by Dolemite. An all time classic tape that I’ve watched over and over….

  3. k2dtw

    I’m blown away, I had no idea. I love the trailer you posted for the film, that…”holds the answers to the Beatnik questions all America is asking”…LOL

  4. denny

    Seriously K2, Allee brought out a portion of her films when I was there and my heart started to palpitate and I almost broke out into a sweat. I have one thing to say, Chesty Morgan! The badder the better.