4 Responses to “The Mastermen!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Their outfits slay me. I wonder which one of these guys’ girlfriends or wives had the lucky task of making these things? I spot a few extra touches like that fabric strap down near the ends of the sleeves that I’m hoping has a buckle at the end of it.

    The not quite pork chop sideburns that swoop up to meet the mustache of the Masterman most in the center of the photo kills me.

    I’m pretty crazy about that twirpy bannister as well.

    You know that they thought they were SO clever naming their LP ‚ÄúThere’s Something about That Name‚Äù. Yeah, I’ll tell you what it is. It stinks. It should have been called ‚ÄúThere’s Something about That Suit Fabric”.

  2. Douglas Wood

    The Mastermen QUARTET has FIVE people in it! I’d like to think that’s what “There’s something about the name” refers to, but then again, guys who awkwardly pose in bad matching suits and bizarre facial hair can’t be that clever, can they?

  3. Allee Willis

    It’s so typical of me who, despite my illustrious music career still has no idea what the difference between a bar and a measure is if any, did not pick up that there were 5 Mastermen in the QUARTET. Thank you, Douglas, for pointing that most obvious fact out as that’s even kitschier that their suits.