Trolololo Man

Submitted by Douglas Wood October 2nd, 2010
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

Words can’t describe this YouTube sensation– you have to check it out for yourself. Yes, the 2:27 minutes will feel like an eternity, but make sure you catch the delightful nuances around 1:53 before you stop watching. For those of us who need to know more, details can be found in this link (as well as on Wikipedia):

9 Responses to “Trolololo Man”

  1. Allee Willis

    I saw this ages ago and it slipped my mind til now. But as soon as I saw the wrought iron room divider in the intro I knew exactly what I was in store for. Totally amazing!!

    Did you ever see ‚ÄúAttack of the Mushroom People‚Äù? I can’t remember if I asked you that before. There is a song that goes on for at least four minutes with a vocal all the way through that consist of nothing other than la la la’s.

    If the performance and wrought iron room divider weren’t so overwhelming I’m sure we’d be talking about his hair which totally looks like a toupee, especially the front part of it. And then there’s his Bela Lugosi death march whitish make up.

  2. denny

    he looks like a ventriloquist doll. I’ve seen this before, he’s kinda scary. You deserve every award for this one Doug! Creep-a-rama!

  3. Douglas Wood

    First off, thanks for the Classique d’ Camembert. As you know, I take these awards very seriously and intend to include them in my obit someday.

    No, I haven’t seen “Attack of the Mushroom People” and no, you hadn’t mentioned it before. Just saw that’s it on Netflix, so I’ll order it. But from reading some of the viewer comments it seems some took it seriously. I’m hoping it’s not too good to be enjoyable. I know not everything can be CREEPING TERROR (or POINT OF TERROR for that matter), but hoping it’s not too well done for my low tastes. Let me know how you’d rank it in terms of badness– I trust your judgment over anyone’s.

    • Allee Willis

      Now perhaps there are two ‚ÄúAttack of the Mushroom People‚Äù’s but the one I’m talking about was made around 1964, very much in the Japanese genre of Mothra. Definitely not at Creeping Terror level but pretty bad. The scene I’m talking about is extra bad. if I remember correctly it happens towards the front of the movie. One gal in a boat with four or five guys singing her happy-go-lucky never-ending la la song. As far as the film itself, I would get it from Netflix and then scan/fast forward until you see those people in the boat. Then stop for that song.

      Also, I forgot to tell you that I posted some of my church fans the other day. I remember you asking me to tell you if I ever did.

      • Allee Willis

        Forgot to also say that I lol’d at “As you know, I take these awards very seriously and intend to include them in my obit someday.” Trust me, I think the Classique De Camembert is based much more on artistic worth and integrity than many of the Grammys in Emmys I’ve seen handed out.

      • Douglas Wood

        Ok, I’ll check out the boat scene, but will probably wind up watching the whole thing. My wife likes Mothra-type movies anyway.

        Re: the fans. These are amazing. Believe it or not, I’ve never come across these before, at yard sales, flea markets or collectibles stores. What a totally unique collection. As you know, I love things like this that are kitschy, but also have history behind them and comment on the culture. (The funeral parlor angle is really bizarre!)

        Have you ever come across one here in L.A. or are they really more of a Southern or midwestern thing? In any case, I’m keeping my eyes open and if I ever find one myself, I’ll go nuts.

        Oh– one more thing. I have actually, come across one fan and this was just a few weeks ago. It was a fake fan– a prop from the HBO series, CARNIVALE. It was designed to look like it was from the 30’s and had the face of one of the characters from the show on it– a character who was a politician running for office (and apparently one of the villains of the show). I never watched the show so it had no value to me (and it wasn’t particularly kitschy so I never posted it on AWMoK), so I listed it on eBay, where, much to my delight, it sold for over $100.00.

        • Allee Willis

          The fans definitely weren’t just a southern thing. I have about 50 of them. A good chunk of them are from the South but they’re really from all over. We even gave them out when The Color Purple played at the Ahmanson. They were most frequently given out by churches and funeral parlors but I also have some from insurance companies and cleaners. There were also Caucasian church and funeral fans but those more often than not at all to religious scenes on them whereas the African American ones were more cozy family scenes albeit with a hit of religion. There were also quite a few with images of Martin Luther King and Mahalia Jackson. Check out There are tons of typical white ones there as well as one MLK and one Mahalia that I mention above.